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In this section you will find travel reports, route information and other miscellanea.

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19 Jan 2009 Four Days in Dragon Country
Level 1 Avalanche Course in Hatcher Pass more...
13 Dec 2008 Alaska Mountain Rescue Group
Interagency Avalanche Training in Turnagain Pass more...
Oct 2008 Aho Adventure Tours
One week of extreme fun in the snow more...coming soon
31 Aug 2008 Granite Tors Trail
From the Lizard's Eye follow the trail to Asgard and on to the Dragon's Teeth... more...coming soon
30 Aug 2008 Far Mountain
15 mile memorial hike through the Interior more...coming soon
27 Aug 2008 Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge
Flight to the Arctic Circle more...coming soon
25 Aug 2008 Denali National Park
White water rafting on the Nenana River and rock climbing at Dragonfly Creek more...coming soon
June 2008 Aho Adventure Tours
Friends, fun and fantastic trips through Alaska more...
06 May 2008 Chena Hot Springs
A summer in the Interior more...coming soon
03 May 2008 Flight to Aho Lake and Canyon Lake
In memory of Stan and Tom Aho more...coming soon
19 Apr 2008 Eklutna Canyon ice climbing
Perfect conditions for ice climbing in April more...coming soon
29 Mar 2008 Winter fun at Lake Louise
Two days of ice fishing and snowmachining more...coming soon
27 Mar 2008 Flattop and beyond
The perfect blend of sunlight, snow, mountains, and the Pacific Ocean more...coming soon
Feb 2008 Trip to Germany
Love, Life and Death more...
22 Jan 2008 Work and travel
Stories from a winter exploration project in Gubik, Alaska more...
06 Jan 2008 Ice climbing
Catwalk on frozen water along the Seward Highway more...coming soon
21 Dec 2007 Winter Solstice on the North Slope
Tower work at 50 below zero more...coming soon
14 Dec 2007 Flattop winter ascent
Two trips to Anchorage's most popular backyard 'hill' more...coming soon
03 Dec 2007 Oooguruk
Five days on an island in the Arctic Ocean more...
15 Oct 2007 Prudhoe Bay
Back to work in Deadhorse, Alaska more...
09 Oct 2007 Harding Icefield
Mountain flying and glacier viewing in the Kenai Mountains more...coming soon
08 Oct 2007 Trip to Portage and Seward
A canoeing trip to Portage that ended on the top of Mt. Marathon in Seward more...coming soon
04 Oct 2007 Archangel Valley
More rock climbing and winter hiking more...coming soon
29 Sep 2007 Hatcher Pass and Archangel Valley
Rock climbing or skiing - it's your choice more...coming soon
26 Sep 2007 Bird Ridge #3
Simply a nice workout - from sea level to 3500 ft and back. more...coming soon
22 Sep 2007 Snowflakes at Lake Louise
Winter preparations at Steve's cabin more...coming soon
25 Aug 2007 Bird Ridge - Flattop Traverse
18 mile memorial hike through the Chugach Mountains more...
18 Aug 2007 Talkeetna River
Doug's cabin and a boat trip to Disappointment and Iron Creek more...coming soon
10 Aug 2007 Homer - Cottonwood Bay - Iliamna - Anchorage
Wilderness cabin construction...surrounded by bears more...
06 Aug 2007 Roadtrip to Homer
Five days on the Kenai Peninsula. more...
21 Jul 2007 Crow Pass Marathon Race
Hiking and camping during the Crow Pass Marathon Race weekend more...coming soon
04 Jul 2007 Independence Day on Mount Marathon
Camping out on the mountain and watching the annual Mt. Marathon race from the top. more...coming soon
30 Jun 2007 A Weekend At Cottonwood Bay
Volcanoes on the Pacific Ocean, glaciers, bears, and bush planes - it's all right there, when you step out of the cabin door. more...
22 Jun 2007 Bird Ridge - Summer Solstice 'Night' Hike
Summer is definately here when you can hike all night. more...coming soon
16 Jun 2007 Copper River Fishing Trip
Not quite as many fish as two years ago, but we sure won't complain about the 44 pound king. more...coming soon
01 Jun 2007 Talkeetna River - Trip To The Cabin
Construction projects are making progress. More cabins to come. more...coming soon
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